Luce alle vostre idee


The definition of this products’ family is clear and individuates a product depending on its location during use; it isn’t evident because in the time its function has been transformed, becoming more a furnishing/design product, and not only a lighting fitting.

Table lamps have functions in homes, offices, commercial and industrial spaces, because they offer the possibility of a light that can move and handle.

The styles with which they are realized are a lot, from hyper-technological solutions to the artistic/artisanal one, with sophisticated and refined finishing or with raw aspects.

This infinitive variety of possible solutions is a continue challenge, both for the creativity of our clients and for our capacity to make real all the designers and creatives’ ideas, that are ever searching a new limit.

Raw materials used are of a large range, and usually we want to create solutions that go over the physical rules, if these can surprise who observe these creations for the first time.

From a long time Guido Raffaello supports historic producers of glass’ bases, they complete their artistic products with our lampshades, creating high technical and artistic level’s lamps.

The lamps with minimal stainless steel frames or other “modern” materials are realized with different styles, but they represented ever an higher level of finishing and performance, as we and our clients want to increase results of our work.