Luce alle vostre idee


Lampshades are applied on a lot of lighting fixtures, so the transition from the particular to the general was almost natural, because customers satisfied of the lampshades and of our services, started to ask to us to produce the entire equipment.
Then we have integrated the production of lampshades with the production of increasing range of complete set of accessories, arriving to the finished product in various ways: lamps, floor lamps, suspensions, wall, ceiling fixtures and in addition to these we have realized some creations that are absolutely special and unique.
Everything we have learned in the design and in the management of lampshades, for decades, we applied it to all the other lighting products, obtaining the same customer satisfaction’s standards.
If one day someone said: “Ah Guido Raffaello, the most expensive lamps in the world”, having no one else to say precisely, for us it would be another goal achieved, because the uncompromising quality always finds a market that values it.